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Abusive balloons for your BFF

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Get these abusive balloons for your next party! Your next bachelorette party will be complete with these offensive balloons. The shitty balloons will be the perfect gag gift for the party.

Did your BFF get engaged? She's a slut. Did your homeboy get a new girl? He's a slut

Show them how much you care by telling them that they're not fucking special and give them a flying fuck. Literally. Get these shitty balloons for your special BFF.

If you can't openly express this to your BFF, why are you BFFs?

Test your relationships with our shitty balloons! 

You get 4x of each design:

This party blows

No one cares

Why are we friends?

You're a slut

You're not fucking special

Here's a flying fuck

Pictures of adorable cats utterly disappointed in the shitty balloons.