We ship world wide. Fill balloons 1-2 hrs before shitty party. Send us pics!

Your Shitty Questions

How big are your shitty balloons?
12" and exactly how you like it.

What are they made out of?
Latex, something that should be used more often in this world.

How long will the balloons float?

Helium will last 6-12 hrs in our latex balloons. Inflate them 1-2 hours before the party for optimal results.

Can you ship them already blown up?

No, we don't like blowing things. 

Do you wholesale or do custom phrases?
Yes, there is a minimum order of 1,000 balloons per design. Reach out to us at : Hello@ShittyBalloons.com

Do you have shipment tracking?
Yes, we do!

Some balloons are defective.
Sorry about that, because we manufacture a lot of shitty balloons, there will be 5-10% defective balloons, which equates to 1 or 2 really shitty balloons in each package. Please reach out if there are more.

Do you ship to other countries?
Yes! Shipping rates will reflect what the USPS charges, so if it's a shitty price blame them.

When do you ship your shitty balloons? 
All orders placed before 9:00am EST (Mon-Fri) will be shipped same day. 

What is your return policy?

If the shitty balloons are not sent out we can refund you! 

Please think long and hard if you want to buy our shitty balloons because we don't offer returns after shipping, however, if the shitty balloons arrive deformed (which can happen) please reach out by email and provide pictures.

We are not responsible for shipping delays. We have shipment tracking and we ship every morning Mon-Fri. 

If you have delays during the shipping process, please contact USPS directly for refunds.