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Abusive Balloons for birthday party

Abusive Balloons for birthday party

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Get these abusive balloons for your next party! Your next birthday party will be complete with these offensive balloons. The shitty balloons will be the perfect gag gift for the party.

Man, that party must really blow. Buy the really shitty party pack to let them know that their little moment really isn't that special because in the grand scheme of things, it really isn't. 100 years from now everyone will forget about what excitement your little friend is having over there, because we'll all be dead. Party pooper or not, let them know that you're not afraid to stand up for what is right and just. Let all of mankind know that this a shitty party.

This Party Blows - 4X

Congratu-Fucking-Lations - 4X

No One Cares - 4X

You're Old As Shit - 4X

Happy Fucking Birthday - 4X

Whoop Dee Fucking Doo - 4X